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This is a shooter about killed in fortieth gangster, who tries to wash away his guilt in the personal hell. He will have to pass a long way, because he is also responsible for the deeds of his ancestors and children.
Genre:Indie, Adventure, Action
Release Date:20 Oct, 2016
Size:126 MB

About This Game

The road of redemption starts far before the Wild West. That is when his grandfather started bandit life. After the Wild West times we will be rolled forward the First World War times, and made to answer for his father’s sins. Then the character will find himself within a set of WWII, where he is destined to expiate his own crimes. On the whole, 5 eras will be presented with corresponding weapon, enemies, decoration and game modes.


Screenshot Game The AtomyScreenshot Game The AtomyScreenshot Game The AtomyScreenshot Game The Atomy

System Requirements


OS:Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows10OS:Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo (or equivalent)Processor:Intel Core i3 (or equivalent)
Memory:512 MB RAMMemory:1 GB RAM
Graphics:512 MB or higherGraphics:1024MB VRAM
Storage:2 GB available spaceStorage:2 GB available space

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