Way of the Red

Way of the Red

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Way of the Red is a 2d action platformer with a focus on fun combat, satisfying kills, and fluid movement. Use versatile sword techniques to shred enemies to pieces, while searching for your lost love from years past.
Genre:Indie, Adventure, Action
Release Date:15 Nov, 2016
Size:27.2 MB

About This Game

Way of the Red is a 2d action platformer with a focus on fun, satisfying combat. Splatter blood across the land through four massive zones, each with their own unique environments, characters, and secrets. Use satisfying and versatile sword techniques to shred enemies to pieces. Mutate your character with the mysterious red seeds, and learn new abilities from hidden characters. 

You take the role of a downtrodden swordsman of a nearly extinct race known as the birdmen. Years of training and battle leave you unfulfilled and without purpose, so one day, you leave home to discover the fate of your lost childhood love. Your quest for perspective is abruptly cut short when you are shot from the sky by a group of human warriors who specialize in trapping birdmen for use as slaves. 

You wake up with your wings clipped and sword confiscated, in a land ruled by a sadistic king who posesses a strange obsession with harvesting the mysterious "red seeds". You come to realize that the fate of the one you've been searching for is intertwined with the king's nefarious ambitions. In order to meet her again, you must get your hands on a sword, escape enslavement, and carve a path of blood to the ominous Spire City.


Screenshot Game Way of the RedScreenshot Game Way of the RedScreenshot Game Way of the RedScreenshot Game Way of the Red

System Requirements


OS:Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows10OS:Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor:1.5 GHzProcessor:1.5 GHz
Memory:2 GB RAMMemory:2 GB RAM
Graphics:512 MB Video Memory, DX9 CompatibleGraphics:512 MB Video Memory, DX9 Compatible
Storage:25 MB available spaceStorage:25 MB available space

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