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Set in the future of a Cold War that never ended, Space Trucker is a FPS that takes you on a journey that spans the galaxy. You play as Vladimir Gagarin, a young russian who just wants to go home.
Genre:Indie, Adventure, Action, Violent, Gore
Release Date:23 Nov, 2016
Size:1.3 GB

About This Game

Cold war tensions have reached an all time high and even though preparations for war are made, both sides still need to eat and get drunk. Enter Vladimir Gagarin, a young citizen of the USSR and captain of the vessel Vostok 42. Although his ship is old it is trustworthy. A first generation private civilian interplanetary freighter, or just space truck as they are called by general public. Vlad needs to make just one more delivery to the American owned Charon hypermarket near Pluto for his latest 6 month contract to be complete and then he can go home... However, like most things it's never that simple.


Screenshot Game Space TruckerScreenshot Game Space TruckerScreenshot Game Space TruckerScreenshot Game Space Trucker

System Requirements


OS:Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows10OS:Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor:Quad Core or HigherProcessor:i5 4770k or AMD FX-8350
Memory:1 GB RAMMemory:2 GB RAM
Graphics:Intel HD Graphics FamilyIntel HD Graphics FamilyGraphics:NVIDIA 560 Ti or higher
Storage:2 GB available spaceStorage:2 GB available space

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